Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ophiuchus, or not to Ophiuchus?

For those who do not follow or believe in Astrology, this post will have little meaning for you.  For those of us who believe in planetary influences and traits that have been handed down to us by the stars and the alignment of the sun, you may be in the same boat I am tonight.  All my life I have considered myself a Sagittarius.  It's what the books said, what the horoscopes said (which I actually dont' put any value into), and it's what the t-shirt said that I wore when I went on that long ago crabbing trip with  my Granny, Paw Paw and Uncle Jody down in Delacroix when I was seven.  All these years I've identified with the archer, agreed that Sagittariuses were disorganized and loved to travel.  Now today, I find out that I am one of the many displaced Sag's shifted into this new and virtually unknown new sign and old constellation placed right between Scorpius and Sagittarius on the horizon, Ophiuchus.  I think this is worse than merely having your sign shifted one way or another, I'm now a whole new unknown, the 13th sign. 

What do they know about this Ophiuchus anyway?  Hard to spell, harder to pronounce; the first human in the zodiac, a healer, a doctor who is destined to achieve great heights.  Great.  Is he a fire sign?  Is he mutable or fixed?  Is he ruled by Jupiter?  I'm at a loss here.  Thanks to the ancient Babylonians that cast out the 13th sign around 3,000 years ago, now today in 2010 we're all asking, what the ----?  I'm not surprised they didn't want the 13th sign, they didn't want the 13th month either so we end up with the blue moon every year or so.  Maybe now they'll put the 13th floor back in skyscrapers.  The most dreaded part of all this, in my opinion, is that Ophiuchus is seen as the 'end of the world'  or 'doomesday' sign.  Should the events occur in 2012 that have been spoken of and some black hole / planetary disturbance begins, it will open directly in the middle of the Ophiuchus constellation.  How ominous is that?  The 13th sign, where the 13th month should be along with tidings of a potential black hole disaster that may have last visited earth when the dinosaurs were mysteriously wiped out.  None of it bides well with me and I'm wondering what it all portends.  There are some who wouldn't make much of this new information at all, there are some, who were Sagittarians before today that will always be Sagittarians.  Does it make a difference if we were born when the sun and stars were still in alignment with the Sagittarius sun, or will it begin with those who were born after the shift.  When was this elusive shift?  Who will rewrite the books and how will they know what they are talking about?  If the books and influences must be rewritten, than all signs will change.  To make room for a 13th sign, then aspects of the other 12 must be shifted proportionately for all 13 to be accurate.  It seems to make sense to me that way.  Again, who will determine which traits fall under which specific alignments, should we go with the Japanese who have always held onto the 13 signs and see what their astrologers have to say?  Should we all travel to Stonehenge and Avebury, sit inside the stone circles and see what the wheeling stars overhead have to contribute to these new factors? 

I'd like to sit in the stone cirle of Stonehenge before the mouth of Ophiuchus opens up to swallow us whole.  None of us know for sure what will happen on the winter solstice of 2012, we can't say for sure on that day or in the days that will follow.  If the government won't admit to the accidental dispersant of biochemical agents that murdered all those birds in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana do we really believe that they will tell us that a great black hole is opening on our way to death and destruction?  In the words of a song written by an old friend, "I'll see you all in hell, it will soon be 2012 I hope you packed a bag, why don't you tell a friend?"

So for those of you who woke up this morning with a new "identity," do you have anything to contribute to this story?  Leave your comments below if you like.  I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels a little lost.  Especially all the new Ophiuchus' out there... we're like the blank slate in the universe of stars, even though Ophiuchus has his hand in the milky way.

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