Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vampires of the world, beware!

Yes, I  have Vampires on the brain.  I have spent most of my free time lately working on my newest project, the Vampire Hunting Kit.  Now some of you may balk at this, but Vampire Kits go back to the 1800's where they were sold to travellers who might be heading into questionable territory, especially areas with rumors of Vampiric activity.  These kits were fantastic... each with diverse and yet similar implements of destruction.  The most common kits included the crucifix, rosary holy water, garlic and of course a stake or two.  Ones that were more involved contained black powder pistols that shot silver bullets as well as scary syringes with long rabies treatment type needles.  My kit won't have a black powder pistol, but there may be something silver inside... 

The kit also has a story.  The Vampyre Hunter's Guide, which is included with the kit, was written by Thornton Barrett Conway in the 1800's and a mysterious letter was discovered in one of the kit's secret compartments that dated back to a time before Mr. Conway wrote his book of tips and instructions for Vampire Hunting.  No one knows for certain the identity of the man that wrote this letter, but it is certain that the words recorded on its paper were the last ones he would ever write.

As you may see, I have spent most of my time focused on the kit, assembling the items necessary to include in the kit, drying out my own herbs, trying to get the courage to sneak into a Catholic church to fill a vial with holy water....  That's still on the list of things to do.  So many little details that I, myself, feel a little mad with the entire process.  I'll be ready soon to build the box and that is when the fun begins.  Then... it won't be long at all.  So, you Vampires of the world beware!  Into every generation.... ah, you know the rest...

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